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Please find below frequently asked questions. If you question is not in this list, please email the graduate program administrator: psychology.grad(@)


I am trying to find information on the Psychosocial Oncology PhD program and I can’t seem to find it.

The Psychosocial Oncology PhD program is no longer offered.


As an international student, do I need to submit the TOEFL or IELTS?

Unless English was the language of instruction for your degree, you need to provide scores for either the TOEFL or IELTS. We do not accept any other types of tests, such as Duolingo. Please refer to the link below for more details regarding the English Proficiency Test:


Do you accept applications from international students?

Yes, we accept international students.


When can I start my application?

The portal opens on September 15th of each year, and closes December 1 of that same year.


Do you accept students for January admissions?

No, we only accept students for admissions each year in September (Fall term).


Can I still apply to the program if I haven’t finished my bachelor’s degree?

You can apply and upload transcripts including what you have done so far. If accepted into the program, you will have to submit official copies of your final transcript showing proof of graduation.


Do I need to have secured a supervisor prior to applying to the program?

No, you do not need to have secured a supervisor, but we recommend that you make contact with faculty members you would be interested in working with for your doctoral studies.


I am from India. Do you consider a 3-year bachelor's degree?

Students from India must fulfill the following requirements depending on what program they wish to apply for:

Master’s Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • 4-year Bachelor’s
  • 3-year Bachelor’s from institutions with a NAAC rating of “A”
  • 2-year Master’s awarded beyond a 3-year Bachelor’s from institutions with a NAAC rating below “A”

Doctoral Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • Master’s (awarded after a 4-year Bachelor’s)
  • Master’s (awarded after a 3-year Bachelor’s from a school with a NAAC rating of “A”)
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Law

Generic Grading Scale (Minimum Academic Standing

  • Overall standings are normally reported in lieu of an average. The CGPA can be determined based on annual or overall standings as reported on the transcript or degree certificate. If the overall standing is not available, a course-by-course calculation will be used. The method used in calculating the CGPA is at the discretion of each department.
  • The minimum overall standing required is Second Division, Upper Division.



Division or Class

Grade Point


80 - 100




60 – 79

First Division



55 – 59

Second Division, Upper



50 – 54

Second Division, Lower



33 – 49

Third Class



0 – 32





Do you have a list of faculty members that accept students each year?

No, we do not have such a list. You need to contact potential faculty members individually.


Can I still submit GRE scores even though they are not required?

Yes, you can submit GRE scores even if they are required. But note that once they are submitted, they cannot be removed from your application.


Am I still eligible to apply to your program if I have no background in Psychology?

The following psychology courses are recommended as preparation for graduate work in psychology: Introductory Statistics (PSYC 204), Statistics for Experimental Design (PSYC 305), Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience (PSYC 211), Perception (PSYC 212), Cognition (PSYC 213), Social Psychology (PSYC 215), Modern Psychology in Historical Perspective (PSYC 403), and Research Project and Seminar (PSYC 450). Individual students should select courses from this list as well as other advanced level courses to make up any deficiencies in their undergraduate work. Up to five courses per term may be taken. If wanting to take undergrad courses as a “special student” at McGill, please consult the following link -

The clinical program is direct entry into Ph.D. No masters is possible. Because professional licensing in Quebec is granted upon completion of the PhD (including internships), the Order of Psychologists of Quebec is standardizing both undergraduate and graduate curricula. In principle, all students applying for a PhD in clinical psychology will have completed 42 credits in the 10 content domains listed below. Students who might be missing some credits (no more than 12 credits) can complete them or their equivalents during the first two years of their graduate program.


Do you have available scholarships for international students?

All opportunities for international students are only offered to accepted students in the program.


How much does graduate school cost at McGill?

Students accepted into the program (Canadian or International) receive financial support (including tuition) by serving as a Teaching Assistant if they do not have external scholarship funding. Canadian students are encouraged to apply for external scholarship funding (federal/provincial scholarships, if eligible). Application deadlines for federal/provincial scholarships are in the Fall. International students can apply for scholarships only when admitted to the program.


Can I be supervised by someone from outside the Department of Psychology?

No, unless it is a co-supervision and your primary supervisor is a full-time faculty member in our department. The only faculty members that can supervise students in psychology are full-time faculty members and associate members of our department. The list can be found here:


Do I absolutely need research experience to be accepted into the program?

Research experience is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.


Do all of my letters of recommendations have to come from academics?

No. It is recommended that two of the three letters are from academics but the third letter can be from an employer or other professional who can comment on your skills and aptitudes.


Do I need to submit a research proposal when I apply to the program?

No, you do not need to submit a research proposal. As part of the application process, we require that you provide us with a personal statement.


How can I convert my GPA to your standard 4.0 GPA?

You can refer to the page here:


Do you accept applications from students who have completed an online bachelor’s degree?

Not all schools are recognized. On-line degrees are currently being looked at on a case-by-case basis.


Can the application fee be waived?

Unfortunately, we cannot waive the application fee for anyone.


What is the difference between the MA and Msc?

The course requirements for the MSc and the MA are identical. You can choose either MSc or MA according to your preference.

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