McGill Psychology Internship Consortium (MPIC)

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McGill Psychology Internship Consortium (MPIC)

The McGill Psychology Internship Consortium (MPIC) is affiliated exclusively with the McGill Clinical Psychology Program. MPIC is administered by the McGill Internship Director, the McGill Director of Clinical Training, the members of the Clinical Committee, and the MPIC Training Committee.

The program follows the scientist-practitioner model. The mission of the MPIC is to provide clinical education and training in scientifically-based professional psychology. The goal of the MPIC is to produce graduates that have developed the competencies necessary to engage in clinical practice at the highest standards of the profession. MPIC achieves this goal by providing interns with breadth and depth of clinical training in a wide range of clinical areas. The approach to training is consistent with a scientist-practitioner model where practice is guided by scientifically supported principles. 

Although therapeutic orientations might vary across clinical service divisions, all MPIC member sites are committed to providing training in evidence-based principles of assessment and intervention and developing competencies in empirically supported interventions. It is expected that interns will become acquainted with a variety of theoretical viewpoints and practical approaches. It is further expected that interns will become proficient in the fundamentals of psychological assessment and intervention. Interns are also expected to achieve competency in a specific set of skills that will vary according to the clinical service within which they are receiving training. The competencies developed through the pre-doctoral internship must meet the competency requirements for the practice of Clinical Psychology outlined by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the ‘Ordre des psychologues du Quebec’ (OPQ).