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The Clinical Program at Department of Psychology is accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS). Our program is also a charter member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science. The Clinical Program was accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) from April 1, 1968 until August 31, 2015. APA withdrew from accrediting programs in Canada on September 1, 2015. This was due to a change in their policy and not specific to our program. Following our last site visit by CPA we were accredited for 7 years with the next site visit scheduled in the 2024-2025 academic year.



Canadian Psychological Association

Office of Accreditation, Canadian Psychological Association
141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 702
Ottawa, Ontario  K1P 5J3

Stewart Madon, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Registrar, Accreditation Panel
Phone: 888.472.0657 (613.237.2144), ext. 333 | Email: accreditation [at]

Ms. Madeleine Sheppard-Perkins, Administrative Assistant
Accreditation & Operations
Phone: 888.472.0657 (613.237.2144), ext. 328 | Email: accreditationoffice [at]


Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS)

The Clinical Program at McGill was one of the first programs accredited by PCSAS. PCSAS “was created to promote superior science-centered education and training in clinical psychology, to increase the quality and quantity of clinical scientists contributing to the advancement of public health, and to enhance the scientific knowledge base for mental and behavioral health care”. The PCSAS accreditation system was recently recognized by the U.S. Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Alan G. Kraut, Executive Director
Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS)
1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 402
Washington, DC 20036-1218
Phone: 301.455.8046 | Email: akraut [at]



Statistical Information: Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

CPA and PCSAS require that certain statistics be made available to applicants to our clinical program. Please see below for detailed statistics regarding admissions and outcomes.

Table 1 - Applications, offers, and enrollments over past 7 years

Table 2 - Student's activities over past 7 years

Table 3 - Programme graduates over past 7 years

Table 4 - Incoming interns over past 7 years

Table 5 - Ph.D. fees


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