Christopher Manfredi
Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
James Administration Building, suite 504
514-398-4177  |  christopher.manfredi [at] (Email)  | [at] (Appointments)

Leigh Yetter
Senior Director, Strategy and Operations
James Administration Building, 505
514-398-1438  |  leigh.yetter [at] (Email)  | [at] (Appointments)

Katherine Wong
Executive Assistant to the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
James Administration Building, 504
514-398-5891  |  katherine.wong [at] (Email)

Jessica Pyton
Liaison Officer
James Administration Building, 504
514-398-4456  |  Jessica.Pyton [at] (Email)

Suha Al Hajjar
James Administration Building, 504
514-398-4177  | [at] (Email)

Carline Downer
Finance Administrator
James Administration Building, 504
514-396-1080 | carline.downer [at] (Email)

Angela Campbell
Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies)
James Administration Building, suite 609B
514-398-1660  |  angela.campbell [at] (Email)   | [at] (Appointments)

Richard Martin
Executive Director, Analysis, Planning and Budget
James Administration Building, suite 600
514-398-4623  |  richard.martin1 [at] (Email)

Christopher Buddle
Associate Provost (Teaching & Academic Planning)
James Administration, suite 634
514-398-2495 | chris.buddle [at] (Email)

Celeste Pedri-Spade
Associate Provost, Indigenous Initiatives
Peterson Hall, suite  212
514-396-1759 | celeste.pedri-spade [at] (Email)

Brian Bauer
Director, Global Engagement
James Administration, suite 635
514-398-7484| brian.bauer [at] (Email)

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Organizational chart

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Provost Org Chart

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