Immunology / Cancer

As its name implies, immunology is the study of the immune system – the cells and tissues which protect you from infection, fight off cancer, and influence your bodies’ response to injury. There are many unanswered questions in immunology – here are just a few examples: why do people develop autoimmune diseases like type I diabetes and multiple sclerosis? Why are some forms of stress good for your immune system, while others are harmful? How can researchers and physicians modulate the immune system to help fight off cancer, or prevent transplant rejection? Why is it so difficult to develop a vaccine for HIV / AIDS?

Immunology is an exciting, rapidly evolving science where research is bringing us new answers to these and other questions, every day. There is intensive research on molecular, cellular, and systemic immunology taking place at McGill in the basic science departments and the affiliated hospitals, including in the Department of Physiology.

Faculty members undertaking research in this area:

Judith Mandl
Ana Nijnik
Daniela Quail



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