Physiology Seminar: Dr. David Knapp "Gene editing and single-cell analysis in the understanding of oncogenesis"

Friday, October 20, 2023 11:00to12:00
McIntyre Medical Building 1034, 3655 promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal, QC, H3G 1Y6, CA

Dr. Knapp did his doctoral training under the direction of Connie Eaves at UBC in hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) biology followed by a postdoc on gene engineering and synthetic biology with Tudor Fulga at the University of Oxford before opening his lab at the IRIC, Université de Montréal in 2020. His early work in hematopoiesis, combining single cell molecular and functional data, challenged the traditional view of HSC differentiation as discrete bifurcating tree, and provided insights into the growth-factor mediated regulation of HSC survival proliferation and self-renewal capacity. During his postdoc he developed a novel tRNA-based platform for regulating CRISPR/Cas9 guide RNA expression and contributed to the development of other systems for the transcriptional regulation of cell systems. His current lab focus is on the combination of stem cell systems and gene/transcriptome editing in order to generate therapeutically relevant cell types effectively and to model the early events in the development of leukemia and other cancers. His recent work includes modifications to the HSC editing process that permit consistent precision editing in primary cells at >90% efficiency and the development of an organoid model of neural progenitor transplantation among others.

This seminar will take place in-person and online (details in attached poster below). All are welcome!

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