Pharmacology Integrative League of Students – PILS

Formed shortly after the approval of the Pharmacology major program in September 2009, PILS represents undergraduate students in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill University. As the liaison between the department and students, PILS is the undergraduate voice within the department.  More information

PILS COUNCIL 2023-2024
Cynthia Sun President cynthia.sun [at]
Janeva Shahi VP Academic janeva.shahi [at]
Farnoush Toupchinejad VP Communications farnoush.toupchinejad [at]
Ava Paton VP External ava.paton [at]
Spencer Riddell VP Internal spencer.riddell [at]
Kimiya Karimi VP Finance kimiya.karimi [at]

David Zimmon

VP Fundraising david.zimmon [at]
Krystal Assaly U3 Representatives krystal.assaly [at]
Lauren Palmer U3 Representatives lauren.palmer [at]
 Minh Le U2 Representatives hai.le [at]
Katie Ha U2 Representatives phuong.ha [at]
Levana Xu U1 Representatives levana.xu [at]
Veronica Jagoo U1 Representatives veronica.jagoo [at]


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