Mentorship Opportunities

PUMP: Pharmacology Undergraduate Mentorship Program

PUMP is a PILS (Pharmacology Integrative League of Students) initiative directed towards the undergraduate students to facilitate peer advising.
The Mentors’ guidance range from course selection, study tips, to stress management.
The Mentors are U3 pharmacology students eager to impart knowledge onto their Mentee, either a U1 or U2 student.

For more information: Pharmacology Integrative League of Students

Pharmacology Research Bridge

This event is for U1 and U2 Pharmacology students. Undergraduates will have the chance to meet with graduate students to discuss their research and what life in the lab is like. It is a great opportunity to ask questions, show what you'd be able to bring to a lab, and why you'd be a great addition to their labs! After you've met all the grad students, you will rank your top 5 labs. The grad students will also rank their top 5 undergrads, and if there's a match, the grad students will help you get in touch with the professor of the lab.

For info on the next event: Pharmacology Integrative League of Students

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