Proxy Card (temporary card access to McIntyre Building)

  • Please note that during COVID19, proxy cards have certain procedures and restrictions

Please notify our office as soon as possible should there be a change in your status at McGill. If your status changes, your ID card is no longer valid and you will have your access revoked. Notifying our office ensures that you do not lose access to the building facilities. Presently, we are limited on the number of proxy cards and Service Point/HR is delayed due to COVID. If you do not have a McGill ID card, you can submit your request on priority basis via this link: service point contact


Proxy cards are handled by the Department of Pharmacology, Administration Office. Approval from your supervisor is required.
You can request a proxy card by email : sec.pharmacology [at] or chairsec.pharmacology [at]

Anyone not requiring their proxy cards, should immediately return to our office, Room 1325 with your identification.





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