LEICA SP8 confocal, multiphoton

Applications: 4D Confocal and Multiphoton Imaging, Spectral imaging, FLIM, FRET, FRAP modules, SHG


-  Four solid state laser lines: 448 nm, 488 nm, 552 nm,
  638 nm
-  One tunable IR two-photons laser: 680-1080 nm


-  Two internal HyDs (high sensitivity detectors)
-  Two internal PMTs
-  One transmitted light PMT
-  Two reflected light HyD
-  One brightfield detector (Dodt gradient)

Objectives: 4x to 100x (including air, oil and multi-immersion)

Environmental control (CO2, temperature, humidity)

Image processing and analysis: Leica LAS X and Bitplane Imaris 9.1.2

PerkinElmer High Content Microscopes

Applications: Fully automated fluorescence and brightfield imaging of microplates (fixed or live samples) and standard slides. Automated high content image analysis.

Operetta automated microscope:

  • From 6 well to 1536 well plates and standard slides
  • 2x, 10x, 20x and 40x objectives
  • Wide range of filter combinations
  • Optional confocality (spinning disk)
  • Optional environmental control chamber
  • 300W Xenon lamp
  • Connected to plate handler, liquid handler, plate washer, incubator and bar scanner.


Browser-based image analysis software (Columbus)

Stereo-microscope (Leica M165)sterio microscope

-  Color camera 5Mp (Leica DFC450C)
-  Epifluorescence (120W Mercury Halide lamp)
-  Filter: green (GFP), red (RhodB), YFP, mCherry
-  Reflected and Transmitted light set-up
-  Leica AF acquisition software with multi focus and overlay module

Upright microscope (Leica DM1000)upright microscope

-  Color camera 1.4Mp (Leica DFC310FX)
-  Epifluorescence, Brightfield (120W Mercury Halide lamp)
-  Filter: blue (A4), red (N2.1), green (L5)
-  Leica AF acquisition software

Inverted microscope (Leica DMI 6000)inverted microscope

-  Color camera 2Mp (Leica DFC345FX)
-  Epifluorescence, DIC, IMC (120W Mercury Halide lamp)
-  Filter sets for DAPI, CFP, GFP and TxRed
-  Leica AF acquisition software
-  Eppendorf piezo system for microinjection/manipulation

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