Obtain a PGME Certificate

What will I receive?

  • PGME Certificate confirms a successful completion of your PGME training program (residency or fellowship program) and it is embossed with the name, crest, and seal of McGill University. It includes a signature of the PGME Associate Dean as well as the Dean of Faculty of Medicine. It also includes your name, the start and end dates of your PGME program, and the name of the PGME program.

Fellowships: the name of the fellowship will be printed on the certificate as it appears on your offer letter.

  • If you haven’t completed a full residency or fellowship program, you are eligible to receive an Attestation Letter, which will include your name, your PGME training program and the start and end dates of your training. It is signed by the PGME Associate Dean.

Certificates and attestation letters are issued by your PGME Residency Coordinator.

How can I obtain my PGME certificate or attestation letter?

The following conditions need to be met to initiate the process of issuing of your certificate or attestation letter:

  • PGME Verification of Postgraduate Training form has been completed by your evaluator in one45 .
  • All your tuition fees have been paid. Your Minerva student balance must be clear, including any late registration fees (if you have them).
  • If you are a foreign national: we have received a copy of your work permit valid for the entire duration of your training.


What are the collecting options?

Trainees can obtain their certificate in one of the following ways:

  • Certificate may be picked up at the PGME Office. Please note that photo identification is required.
  • Certificate may be picked up at the PGME Office by another individual on the trainee’s behalf. The authorized individual must provide suitable identification and the trainee needs to confirm this choice to their PGME Residency Coordinator beforehand.
  • Certificate may be mailed to trainees directly, at the address they confirm via the online form. The shipping provider is Canada Post. It is not possible to choose a different/faster type of delivery or to receive an individual tracking number.

Trainees will be able to confirm the collecting option via the online form that will be provided to them by their PGME Residency Coordinator.

Pick-up date/hours: confirm with your PGME Residency Coordinator before coming to the office to ensure your certificate is ready. 


When can I obtain my PGME certificate or attestation letter?

It takes between 8 to 12 weeks to issue a PGME certificate or attestation letter after completion of training, provided all the above conditions have been met and there are no delays with Canada Post (if you chose to have your certificate shipped). Those waiting to receive a certificate abroad may expect a longer wait.


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