Congratulations to MCHF Awards of Excellence Recipients, Drs. Margaret Berry and Indra Gupta


Published: 10Dec2021

On behalf of the Department of Pediatrics, congratulations to the following Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation 2021 Awards of Excellence recipients:

Dr. Margaret Berry, recipient of the National Bank Medical Award for Excellence

"Dr. Margaret Berry, a member of The Children's Northern Health Program, has been practicing pediatrics for 40 years and spends one week a month in Quebec’s northern villages of Nunavik. Her mission is to ensure the health and well-being of thousands of newborns, children, adolescents and pregnant women. Dr. Berry provides clinical and innovative care to 22 First Nations communities. Hers is a model of respectful and culturally sensitive care.

"I'm really happy. I thank my colleagues for nominating me for this wonderful award. When I started this work, I didn't think I would receive such recognition" - Dr. Margaret Berry"

 Dr. Indra Gupta, recipient of the MCHF Pfizer Research Award of Excellence.

"Dr. Gupta is the embodiment of a dedicated and respected clinician-scientist. She is currently Acting Director of Child Health Research at The Children's/ MUHC and of The Children’s Division of Nephrology, as well as Acting Associate Director of the Research Institute of the MUHC. Moreover, her clinical research program has trained the next generation of scientists. An outstanding leader, Dr. Gupta pursues her research excellence with humility, integrity and inclusion.

"In research, when something works, we are elated. We have found something that can be developed further. We live for those rare moments." - Dr. Indra Gupta"

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