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Palliative Care McGill offers rich undergraduate, post-  graduate, and professional education programs that draw  on the expertise of our interdisciplinary teams and  highlights our attention to integrated, holistic care.

Our undergraduate medical education program provides a  general orientation to palliative care followed by sessions  on a variety of topics including Impact of Cancer on  Families, Caring for Dying Patients at Home and End of Life Care for the Pulmonary Patient.

We welcome residents from all disciplines into our post-graduate palliative medicine program. The tertiary and quaternary classifications of our teaching hospitals ensure residents’ exposure to a rich variety of clinical contexts. Our Enhanced Skills year ensures the development of a new generation of palliative care consultants. Enhanced Skills residents benefit from access to specialty clinics in advanced cancer pain, cancer rehabilitation, cachexia, and lymphedema as well as a wide variety of individualized rotations.

Our biennial, interdisciplinary Continuing Professional Education workshop is held in alternate years with the International Congress on Palliative Care. This day-long workshop features expert clinicians from palliative medicine, palliative nursing, neurology, psychiatry, and psychology.

We also offer a number of palliative care rounds throughout the year. These are open to all health institutions in Quebec via videoconferencing. For more information about attending our rounds through videoconferencing, please contact the [at] (Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator) for Palliative Care McGill.

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