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Palliative Care McGill is an interdisciplinary network of clinicians, educators, researchers, allied-health professionals, volunteers and support staff who work together across five teaching hospitals to provide top-quality palliative care, education, and research.

The Mission of Palliative Care McGill is to improve the field of palliative care and enable persons with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and their families to live with optimal quality of life. Palliative Care McGill aims to achieve these objectives by becoming a center for academic excellence through the following four axes:

                   * Interdisciplinary research

                   * Interdisciplinary education 

                   * Support to social policy development and

                      community outreach

                   * International collaboration        





"Death must simply become the discreet but dignified exit of a peaceful person from a helpful society. A death without pain or suffering, and ultimately without fear." 

(Philippe Aries, The Hour of Our Death, 1981. French Historian 1914-1984.)

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