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September 2021 News:

  •  A 2020 study from Mathieu Roy’s lab (Vogel et al, eLife, 2020) is discussed on Boing Boing.  Thom Dunn, New study shows that people prefer physical pain to thinking too hard. Boing Boing, 29 Sept 2021

August 2021 News:

  • Mary-Anne quoted in report on cannabis use and rheumatology

     , Rob Volansky, 25 Aug 2021, Amid growing cannabis access, data for rheumatology benefit still 'fraught with bias'

July 2021 News:

  • Jeff Mogil interviewed in a CBC Podcast about the “Science of Pain”. CBC Podcasts, Sickboy, 21 July 2021, Routine Checkup: the Science of Pain.

  • Jordi Perez interviewed for a story on pain in patients and in the Olympics National Post, Matt Scace, 24 July 2021, “Hey Pain Monster, welcome aboard: how Olympic athletes look at pain differently from the rest of us”.

  • A study involving Lisbet in the news. For the study, see publication list below:, 92 July 2021, “Autoantibodies: a possible contributer to fibromyalgia”. 
  • A study by Mick Sullivan (Trost et al, Pain 2012) is cited in an online fitness ‘Zine., Vidur Saini, 17July 2021, “5 Best Ways For Getting Rid of Muscle Soreness


April 2021 News:

McGill’s Principal’s Prize for Public Engagement through Media (Prize for Collaboration) awarded to QNJPI – Congratulations, folks!

  • McGill Reporter, Katherine Gombay, 15 April 2021, “Challenging times? McGill researchers step up to help”


Jeff quoted in news article on pain in men vs women.

  • Daily Mail, Jonathan Chadwick, 07 April 2021, “Women’s pain is not taken as seriously as men’s – even when they experience identical injuries, study warns.”


Ron Melzack featured in an online celebration of the MGH’s 200th Anniversary.

  • Mirage News, 31 March 2021, “200 years of excellence at Montreal General Hospital of McGill University Health Centre.”


More news coverage of the MCH pediatric pain expansion.

  • Newswire, 29 May 2021, “The Montreal Children’s Hospital doubles services for children and teens living with complex pain.”
  • La Presse, 05 April 2021, “Cinq millions pour la douleur”

Mary Ann Fitzcharles interviewed in a piece on telehealth and its future in the treatment of chronic pain.

Medpage Today, Judy George, 26 Apr 2021, “Will Telehealth shape the future of pain care?”

March 2021 News:
  • La Nouvelliste Numerique, 28 Mar 2021, “la douleur chronique touche aussi les enfants”
  • Le Soleil Numerique, 28 Mar 2021, “la douleur chronique touche aussi les enfants”
  • L’Actualite, Jean-Benoit Legault, 28 Mar 2021, “ la douleur chronique touche aussi les enfants”
  • Linked In, “Managing complex pain thanks to a new “superpower”: Jacqueline’s story of hope”


Mark Ware interviewed as part of an article involving CBD oil treatment.

  • Regina Leader-Post, Sam Riches, 29 March 2021, “Double Stigma: using cannabis to treat endometriosis”


Reza interviewed in a story about CBD and chronic bladder pain.

  • CannaisHealthNetwork, Joe Roberts, 04 March 2021, “Study: Is CBD the future of chronic bladder pain treatment?”
February 2021 News:

The PNAS paper that Gabriella and others published on LSD and social behavior is once again making the news

  • Sci Tech Daily, 26 Feb 2021, “LSD may offer viable treatment for anxiety and other mental disorders.”


Richard Hovey interviewed in a story on the launch of the United States Association for the Study of Pain.

  • Pain News Network, Gregory Carbonetti, 11 Feb 2021, “New Society Launched to Advance Pain Research.”


A series of stories about a collaboration between Reza’s lab and Desert Harvest, a Maine-based Aloe Vera produce.

  •, 04 Feb 2021, “Desert Harvest announces study about CBD and Cystitis”.
  • Mugglehead Magazine, Jared Gnam, 03 Feb 2021, “Aloe vera extract producer funds McGill CBD pain research.”


The PNAS report from Gabriella et al on LSD promoting social behavior continues to receive press coverage.

  •, David Zarley, 06 Feb 2021, “Friendly little mice are helping us understand the effects of LSD”.


January 2021 News:

The Nature paper on ketamine and depression, with which Gabriella was involved, is in the news once again.

  • McGill Tribune, Shelby Deegan, “New research on ketamine may lead to novel treatments for depression,” 19 Jan 20201


Jeff interviewed on social aspects of pain, commenting on a new study from Stanford.

  •, Carolyn Wilke, “Mice may ‘catch’ each other’s pain – and relief”, 12 Jan 2021,


This piece is basically a re-working of the Science News article, but Jeff is mentioned once more.

  •, “Mice can mirror pain, fear and emotions of each other through social contact, says study”, 15 Jan 2021


More coverage of the Nature paper on which Gabriella is a co-author.

  •, Ashely Pepprielli, “New study uncovers how ketamine triggers antidepressant effect in the brain”, 09 Jan 2021

McGill issues press release for the Nature paper on which Gabriella is a co-author.

December 2020 News:
  • McGill Press Room, “New use for an old drug: How does ketamine combat depression?”, 16 Dec 2020

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Todd Vogel’s (Roy Lab) interview from Livescience is picked up here.

  • Health24, Zakiyah Ebrahim, “Some people would rather endure physical pain than having to think too hard, study reveals”, 17 Dec 2020








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