Past Funding Recipients

Louise and Alan Edwards Grants in Pain Research

This Research Grants Program aims to stimulate clinical and clinically-relevant pain research amongst the McGill University, MUHC, and Montreal communities in particular, and throughout Quebec in general.


Year PI Name Name of the project
2011-12 Dr. Terrence J. Coderre Role of Nuclear metabotropic glutamate receptors in persistent nociception
Dr. Celine Gelinas Adaptation of the critical-Care Pain Observation Tool for Brain Injured ICU Patients
Dr. Michael Sullivan Psychological and Neuropsychological Determinants of Repettition-Induced Summation of Pain in Patients with Whiplash Injuries
Dr. Ji Zhang Exploring Analgesic Effects of Statins in Experimental Chronic Pain Models
Dr. Fernando Cervero Perupheral mechanisms of visceral hyperalgesia: sensitization of visceral nociceptors in the urinary bladder
2012-13 Dr. Juan Francisco Asenjo Prevalence of neuropathic pain in thoracotomy patients using statins'
Dr. Gary J. Bennett A unifying hypothesis for the cause of chemotherapy-induced painful peripheral neuropathy
Dr. Jean Ouellet Identification and validation of non-invasive biomarkers to optimize pediatric post-operative pain management
Dr. Alfredo Ribeiro-da-Silva Inhibition of NGF maturation attenuates pain and inflammation associated with arthritis
Dr. Philippe Seguela Optogenetic modulation of pain pathways in vivo light-induced analgesia
2013-14 Dr. Terrence Coderre Translational study of the effects of topical treatment with clonidine + pentoxifylline in both a human experimental pain model and in patients with neuropathic pain
Dr. Alfredo Ribeiro-da-Silva Novel approach to the treatment of neuropathic pain
Dr. Reza Sharif-Naeini Selective activation of inhibitory interneurons in vivo attenuates neuropathic pain
Dr. Laura Stone Towards imporved understanding of MRI diagnostics for chronic low back pain: spinal MRI for the detection of intervertebral disc degeneration in live mice
2014-15 Dr. Petra Schweinhardt Explaining medical unexplained symptoms: the role of neuroinlfammation in disfunctional somatic disorders
Dr. Ji Zhang Dissecting neuropathic pain in autoimmune neuropathy - Implications for Guillain Berre Syndrome
Dr. Celine Gelinas Developing and testing innovative implementation strategies of an intefrated systematic pain assessment approach in the Adult Intensive Care Unit
Dr. Yoram Shir Topical applicatin of soy for neuropathic pain: a pilot study
2015-16 Dr. Pablo Ingelmo ‘Proof of concept trial to test the efficacy of treatment with Ketotifen on pain sensitivity and association between level of activity and reactivity of white blood cells and pain sensitivity in teenagers with chronic spread pain’
Dr. Weiya Ma ‘Role of PGE2-induced EP4 up-regulation in dorsal root ganglion neurons in prolonged sensitization pain: a preclinical model for transition from acute to chronic pain’
Dr. Jean Ouellet ‘Sensorial and physiological assessments of perioperative management of children undergoing orthopaedic surgery’
Dr. Philippe Segula ‘Identification of novel targets for the relief of arthritic pain: a pharmacogenetic approach’
Dr. Timothy Wideman ‘Exercise-evoked pain as a novel predictor of recovery from work-related back pain’
2016-17 Dr. Catherine Ferland "Mechanism- based pain assesment in pediatric patients with chronic pain"
Dr. Celine Gelinas Exploring the validity of an innovative technology for the measurement of pain in the adult intensive care unit'
2017-18 Dr. Marc O. Martel Psychological determinants of prescription opioid craving among patients with chronic pain
Dr. Arkady Khoutorsky Targeting Matrix Metalloproteinases for treatment of neuropathic pain using passive and active immunization strategies
Dr. Laura Stone Investigating the acute and chronic pain experience during the development of Alzheimer’s disease; a behavioural approach in a triple-transgenic mouse model
Dr. Alfredo Ribeiro-da-Silva The contribution of spinal cord synaptic circuitry plasticity to the maintenance of neuropathic pain
Dr. Yoram Shir Comparison of gut microbial composition and function in fibromyalgia vs. healthy individuals
2018-19 Dr. Reza Rharif Naeini TACAN is a mechanosensitive ion channel responsible for osteoarthritis pain’;
Dr. Philippe Séguéla Brain signature of distinct nociceptive pathways: an optogenetically driven fMRI study
Dr. Terence Coderre Isolating the specific role of spinal nuclear mGluR5 in persistent pain
Dr. Yoram Shir Metformin for the treatment of post-traumatic neuropathic pain – a double blinded randomized controlled study
2019-2020 Dr. Alfredo Ribeiro-da-Silva Investigation of a neuropathic component in osteoarthritis and of possible disease modifying drugs in an animal model
Dr. Jordi Perez Composition of the gut microbiome in individuals with chronic low back pain vs. healthy controls
Dr. Céline Gélinas and Dr. Marc O. Martel Incidence and determinants of chronic pain, opioid use and misuse in ICU survivors
Dr. Laura Stone Investigating the molecular basis of discogenic low back pain
2020-2021 Dr. Terry Coderre Novel salts and co-crystals for peripheral neuropathic pain
Dr. Arkady Khoutorsky The role of the microbiome in the pathophysiology of pain and other symptoms in fibromyalgia
Dr. Carolina Meloto Identifying clusters of individuals that transition from acute to chronic low back pain (LBP): the Quebec Back Pain Study (QBPS)
Dr. Philippe Seguela Is chronic pain linked to deficits in cortical dopaminergic signaling?
2021-2022 Dr. Etienne Vachon-Presseau Determining the role of the dopaminergic system in opioid craving in chronic pain patients
Dr. Audrey Grant Pharmacogenomics of pain trajectories
Dr. Franco Carli Multimodal prehabilitation and analgesia: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial on the effect of preoperative exercise with nutrition optimization on postsurgical pain intensity in vulnerable populations
Dr. Reza Sharif-Naeini Role of Phox2A projection neurons in bladder pain
Dr. Philippe Séuéla Discovery of Analgesic Drugs Targeting the Acid-Sensing Ion Channel Family.
2022-2023 Baglole, Carolyn J Does vaporized cannabis alleviate pain in a mouse model
Fiore, Julio Flavio, Jr Opioid versus opioid-free analgesia after colorectal surgery: A pilot randomized controlled trial
Gobbi, Gabriella Psilocybin for neuropathic pain and comorbid depression
Ribeiro-da-Silva, Alfredo The contribution of structural synapse plasticity on dorsal horn projection neurons to the maintenance of neuropathic pain
Shir, Yoram Laying the Foundations for a Biobank of Gut Microbiome and Metabolome of Chronic Pain Patients



Year Award
2013-2014 Dr. Francisney Pinto do Nacimento
2014-2015 Stephanie Gregoire
2015-2016 Dr. Arjun Muralidharan
2016-2017 Dr. Cecile de Vos
Dr. Marine Karine Christin
2017-2018 Dr. Borah Ham
2019-2020 Dr. Weihua Cai
Dr. Lucas Lima
2020-2021 Dr. Peter Stilwell



Catherine Bushnell Fellowship in Chronic Pain Research

Year Award
2015-2016 Dr. Mu Yang
2016-2017 Dr. Carolina Beraldo Meloto
2017-2018 Dr. Scott Thompson
2017-2019 Dr. Peter Lee
2018-2019 Dr. Dimitri Pavlov
2020-2021 Dr. Lise Rabilier
2022-2023 Dr. Ronrick Da-ano



The objective of these Studentships is to support the full-time chronic pain research of students at The Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain (AECRP) or any MUHC/McGill University affiliate.

Start Year Award
2011-2012 Mr. Alexander Tuttle
Ms. Caroline Arbour
Ms. Claire Magnoussen
Mr. Tony K.Y. Lim
Maral Tajerian
2012-2013 Ms. Anne-Julie Chabot-Dore
Ms. Geraldine Longo
Mr. Scott Thompson
2013-2014 Ms. Wiebke Gandhi
Mr. Behrang Sharif
2014-2015 Ms. Hibba Nasir
Ms. Samantha Locke
Ms. Sarah Rosen
Ms. Rebecca Price
Ms. Carole Federico
2015-2016 Mr. Oli Abate Fulas
Mr. Lucas Topham
Ms. Maria Zamfir
2016-2017 Mr. Luca Posa
2017-2018 Noosha Yousefpour
Tarheen Fatima
Kevin Lancon
Nitasha Gill
Valérie Bourassa
2018-2019 Quentin Davaux
Thomas Deluc
2019-2020 Justine Schweizer
Don Daniel Ocay
Calvin Wong
2020-2021 Erika Gentile
Matthew Mannarino
2021-2022 Shajenth Premachandran
Minza Haque
Nathan Augeard
2022-2023 Alikarami, Elnaz
Brown, Nichole
Osagie, Rachael
Qiu, Haoyi
Woznowski-Vu, Arthur

Zhou, Wen Bo (Sam)


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