Frontiers in Pain Research Lecture Series







Oct 5

Beth Darnall,PhD

Director, Stanford Pain

Relief Innovations Lab

School of Medicine, Standford University


"Scaling single-session pain management skills interventions across populations and the continuum of care"

Jeffrey Mogil

Nov 2

Robyn Crook,PhD

Assistant Professor


San Francisco State University


"A comparative approach to revealing the evolution and function of pain"

Philippe Séguéla
Jan 19, 2023


Claudia Sommer,MD,PhD

Professor of Neurology

University of Wurzburg


"Fibromyalgia:from myth to science"

Arkady Khoutorsky 


Feb 15

Rajesh Khanna,PhD

Director Of the New York University

Pain Research Centre


"Answers to NaV1.7 Analgesic failures: Post-translational targeting for pain"

Arkady Khoutorsky
Mar 15

Ishmail Abdus-Saboor,PhD

Zuckerman Mind

Brain Behavior Institute

Columbia University

'Towards mechanisms for pain and pleasure in mice"

Reza Sharif Naeini
Apr 19

Ricardo Vallejo,MD,PhD

Research Professor,Psychology Department

Illinois Wesleyan University

"Connecting our understanding of pain mechanisms with effects of electrical signals on neural tissues. A new model in Neuromodulation"


Jordi Perez
May 17

Oscar De Leon-Casasola

Professor of Anesthesiology

Dept. of Anesthesiology

Jacobs School of Medicine& Biomedical Sciences


Intrathecal Therapy for cancer related pain:Translating pharmacological

principles to clinical use for success

Jordi Perez
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