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Jonathan Jarry MSc - Science Communicator

Jonathan Jarry MSc - Science Communicator
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801 Sherbrooke Street W. | Montreal, Quebec | H3A 0B8

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jonathan.jarry [at]
jonathan.jarry [at]

Jonathan Jarry is a biological scientist who once worked for the U.S. Armed Forces, using the power of DNA technology to identify really old American soldiers. He has also helped to characterize a new form of muscular dystrophy and spent many years in a clinical laboratory, designing assays and managing rapid-turnover diagnostic tests which allow physicians to make informed decisions regarding cancer patient care. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology, he has managed a centralized biobank of human tissue, has helped conduct research into low vision rehabilitation research and has published a paper on why the emerging field of circulating microRNAs in oncology was full of inconsistencies.

His passion for critical science communication has resulted in a nascent blogging and podcasting career, most notably with Dr. Christopher Labos on The Body of Evidence, a website that takes a skeptical eye at health claims.

In a perfect world, the public at large would be more scientifically literate; scientists would be more rigorous; and pseudoscience would be a thing of the past. 

Thinking about science (meta-science) and thinking about thinking (meta-cognition) are the things he lives for. So… a lot of thinking, basically.

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