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Haleh Cohn - Science Communication Intern

Haleh Cohn - Science Communication Intern
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haleh.cohn [at]

Haleh Cohn is a BSc candidate in Anatomy and Cell Biology, with a minor in Economics, at McGill University. Along with her studies, Haleh works at the DOvEEgene project at the McGill University Health Centre, which detects ovarian and endometrial cancer early using genomics.

Haleh believes strongly in making reliable science more understandable and accessible to everyone, which is why she was first drawn to the McGill Office for Science and Society (OSS). She started at the OSS after her first year at McGill in 2022 as a Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) summer intern. After her first summer of writing, she remains on the team responsible for maintaining various social media channels and as a science communicator.

At McGill, Haleh has been involved with Scientista McGill – a one-stop site for underrepresented genders in STEM – where she helped organize the annual Underrepresented Genders in STEM symposium. She is proud to be a general chemistry tutor and a member of the McGill Students Blood Donation Association.

Haleh hopes to have a career in the health sciences and is particularly interested in clinical research. She is also passionate about climate activism and interested in politics.

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