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Why do we itch?

10 May 2017

The sensation of itching used to be thought of as a sort of low-grade pain response, which was detected by the same nerves responsible for finding bodily injuries. Recent research, however, has...

Do dead batteries really bounce?

10 May 2017

You’ve probably heard of the bounce test for dead batteries- simply drop a battery, and if it bounces, it’s dead. It turns out that this isn’t completely true. Conventional batteries have an outer...

“Mild Cold Training” & Weight Loss

10 May 2017

Researchers from the University of Maastricht have proposed a new solution for the obesity epidemic. Instead of changing lifestyle habits or restricting calories, Dutch researchers suggest “mild...

Therapeutic touch

10 May 2017

Dolores Krieger, a nurse, is the mother of Therapeutic Touch. She claims that humans are surrounded by energy fields which become disturbed when they are ill and can be massaged back into place by...

Bourgeonal Odour

10 May 2017

Bourgeonal is an aromatic aldehyde used in perfumery with a fragrance resembling that of the Lily of the Valley.  What’s so special about this fragrance? It is secreted by the ovum within the...

Purple Tomatoes

10 May 2017

Are you ready for purple ketchup? What about purple pizzas? Scientists in Britain have recently developed a new type of genetically modified tomato enriched with anthocyanin, the pigment also found...

Sperm whale perfume

10 May 2017

Sperm whales produce a black, smelly substance called ambergris which changes to a pleasant smell when exposed to air. It is rare and expensive but is used as a base in some perfumes. Ambergris...

An electrifying experience

25 Apr 2017

A diabetic patient complained of feeling a tingling in his feet and hands, which to his physician sounded like the beginnings of diabetic nerve damage. Paradoxically, though, he only got this...

Spiders are masters of disguise

25 Apr 2017

Some clever Central American spiders disguise themselves as ants by holding a pair of legs over their head to mimic antennae. They climb into ant nests and have a feast. And how about male European...


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