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Did You Know?

What are Urinal Cakes?

20 Mar 2017

They may be a mystery to the ladies, but they’re very familiar to gentlemen. They’re called “urinal cakes” and are commonly seen at the bottom of urinals. Their purpose?

Sniffing Bobcat Urine

20 Mar 2017

Mouse traps are fine if you are dealing with a few rodents but if there is a major infestation you need some heavy artillery such as bobcat pee. Mice, rats, rabbits and moles fear bobcats and for a...

The Ballistic Bomb

20 Mar 2017

The Ballistic Bomb is a hardened cake of chemicals that is designed to be dropped into the bath water. It produces vigorous fizzing, supposedly the cause of pleasure in the "Southern Hemisphere,"...

Pucker Up: The Chemistry of Kissing

20 Mar 2017

And just when I was getting used to being single in the summer. July 6th rolls around; International Kissing Day. It’s like a second Valentine’s Day but less sweet. I mean really, no chocolate? But...

Are all Fats created equal?

20 Mar 2017

Not all saturated fats are created equal. They have a different effect on blood cholesterol depending on the number of carbon atoms in their molecular structure. Lauric acid, the predominant fatty...


20 Mar 2017

Have you ever wondered why hippopotami spin their tales when they defecate? African Bushmen say that they are showing God that they have eaten only grass and not fish as fulfillment of the...

Self-Cleaning Toilets and Self-Cleaning Clothes

20 Mar 2017

Nobody looks forward to cleaning toilets. And maybe in the future you won’t have to. That may be one of the benefits of nanotechnology, a burgeoning field of science that everyone is talking about....

Pigeons on the Pill?!

20 Mar 2017

Only in Hollywood would birds ever be given a form of birth control. According to the Argyle Civic Association, the group leading the contraceptive initiative, the birds are just too numerous. Not...

Pencils never contained lead.

22 Feb 2017

This may come as a shock to some people but lead pencils do not contain any lead.  Never did.


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