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Did You Know?

Did you know that moon dust is incredibly toxic?

4 Oct 2018

There are no aliens on the moon, but that might not stop it from trying to kill us....

Did you know that malaria spawned the gin and tonic?

27 Sep 2018

Malaria kills around 200 million individuals annually. It’s the result of a bodily infection by single-celled parasitic organisms from the Plasmodium genus and causes fever, vomiting, chills and...

How did Margarine Come About?

13 Sep 2018

Emperor Napoleon III offered a prize to anyone who could find "a suitable substance to replace butter for the navy and less prosperous classes." The French chemist Hippolyte Mege-Mouries had...

Mood ring technology powers your LCD TV

6 Sep 2018

A substance is said to exhibit thermochromism if it changes colour according to temperature. The most popular example of this is mood rings, the hot fashion item of the 70s. These pieces of jewelry...

Paper cuts hurt so much because our fingers are really sensitive

30 Aug 2018

You’re reading the morning paper, or turning the page on your recipe, when suddenly you notice a little line of blood, and feel a disproportionate amount of pain....

Dragonflies experience as much g-force as fighter pilots

23 Aug 2018

Gravity and the human body have a finicky relationship. Too little gravity and humans lose bone density, experience extreme nausea and become anemic. Too much gravity and humans lose consciousness...

Little dogs raise their legs high to pee, thinking it makes them look tough

8 Aug 2018

Female dogs opt for less yoga-like squatting postures than their male companions, who can sometimes be seen with their leg so far in the air they seem about ready to topple over. It turns out that...