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Professor Popsicle’s Physiological Proof

17 Feb 2023

Growing up with cold Canadian winters means that we get to enjoy tobogganing, skiing, and other snowy activities. It also means that from a young age, we’re warned of the dangers of getting too cold.

You Can’t Hear This Music, but It Could Still Make You Dance

3 Feb 2023

Provided by bass instruments, the low-frequency parts of music tend to contribute the beat we actually dance to. Songs with lower-frequency baselines tend to have higher perceived "groove" ratings,...

Peckers Get Smaller Where It Gets Colder

16 Dec 2022

Charles Darwin postulated that Toucan’s massive beaks might be for sexual selection purposes. Other scientists have theorized that it could be for shows of intimidation, for actual defense or for...

What rhythm does throbbing pain follow?

9 Dec 2022

There are many kinds of pain—Piercing, burning, aching, shocking—but the type I want to focus on today is throbbing. Throbbing pain is often associated with toothaches, headaches, migraines, and...

When It Comes to Avoiding Flies, Stripes Are In, Solids Are Out

25 Nov 2022

Fairy tales about the origin of zebra stripes are abundant. Some blame sunlight filtered through tree leaves for tanning the zebras hide, others claim the dark lines are scorch marks, acquired...

Red Licorice, Beets and Piss Prophets

9 Nov 2022

It sure is a colorful life. I recall vividly a scary episode almost forty-five years ago when my wife came running to me brandishing our infant daughter's diaper in her hands. It looked pretty...

The Two Types of Erasable Ink and Why One Is Much Cooler Than the Other

4 Nov 2022

Introduced in 1979, the Papermate Erasermate offered something that, up until then, had been science fiction: an erasable pen. While correction fluids and tape were a well-established solution to...

Squirrels can survive a fall from any height, at least hypothetically

28 Oct 2022

Squirrels, in theory, can survive a fall from an object of any height due to two factors: their size and their mass. A force (such as the force of gravity) is calculated by multiplying mass and...

The Funny Bone Is Not a Bone

28 Oct 2022

With spooky season in full swing, houses are adorned with carved pumpkins, bedsheet ghosts, and decorative skeletons. The latter always catch my eye due to their poor anatomical accuracy. Even...


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