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Birds Seem To Be Scared of Googly Eyes, and That’s a Good Thing

21 Oct 2022

Every year upwards of 25 million birds are killed in Canada due to collisions with buildings, communication towers, wind turbines, and as a result of being tangled into marine gillnets. From window...

A Lesson From Nature: What Click Chemistry Is, and Why It Won a Nobel Prize

12 Oct 2022

“This year’s [Nobel] Prize in Chemistry deals with not overcomplicating matters” says Johan Åqvist, Chair of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry. It has a simple and catchy name: Click Chemistry....

“Jansporting”: When it Saves Lives and When it Doesn’t

23 Sep 2022

Back to school season usually evokes the image of new supplies — coloured highlighters, clean lab coats and lined paper, all packed nicely into students’ backpacks. On university campuses, however,...

Why Is Diet Coke So Fizzy?

16 Sep 2022

Whether you’re buying ingredients for an at home “Coke and Mentos” demonstration, asking a flight attendant for a beverage, or just trying to pour a can of soda into a glass before hockey comes...

Licking a Banana Slug Will Make Your Tongue Go Numb

2 Sep 2022

Slugs, in all their slimy glory, aren’t usually associated with food. But banana slugs (genus Ariolimax) are named after their colour, not their taste. As tempting as it sounds, don’t try to lick...

The Bottle Jumper

31 Aug 2022

The scene was a street corner in London sometime in the 17th century. A skeptical crowd had gathered to see if the performer could deliver on his promise to pour whatever drink asked for, be it...

Why is poop brown?

23 Aug 2022

A certain amount of the muddy colour can be attributed to the different colours of food we eat. Like mixing all the paint colours together, the result is a dull brown. But, much bigger factors for...

Montreal vs Toronto Metro: Rubber or Steel?

21 Jul 2022

I moved to Montreal this year after living in Toronto my entire life. In my opinion, one thing Montreal truly does better is the Metro. It’s cleaner, there are more useful lines and even the colour...

What Makes the Perfect Polish?

13 Jul 2022

I got my nails done for my convocation ceremony. My friends and I were greeted with a number of options: basic, shellac, acrylic… not to mention the selection of colours we had to choose from as...


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