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A Farmer, Epsom Salt, Moses, and some Sweet Chemistry

6 Sep 2023

In 1618 a farmer in England noticed that he could lead his cows to water but could not make them drink. He tasted the well water himself and realized right away that there was some wisdom to the...

The Dark Side of Black Plastics

17 Aug 2023

I’m sitting here looking around my office for anything made of black plastic. The casing of my computer is in that category, so is my coffee machine, my printer, my cell phone stand, my stapler, a...

Where is the Map in our Mind?

30 Jun 2023

When I moved to Montreal, it took me a while to get oriented. After a few weeks of constantly checking Google Maps, I developed a mental image of key landmarks and how to navigate between them. I...

How to Have Twins with Different Fathers

16 Jun 2023

Yes, it is possible to have twins with different biological fathers. The scientific term for this anomaly is “heteropaternal superfecundation,” and it’s super cool. “Heteropaternal” signifies...

This Report Card is For Your Diet

9 Jun 2023

On my last day travelling in the Netherlands, I stepped into a corner store to pick up a smoothie, when I stopped to examine the 5-colour scale on the front of the package.

Why Does Pineapple Make Your Mouth Tickle?

26 May 2023

The name for ‘pineapple’ is a misnomer. The fruit, also known as Ananas comosus, belongs to neither the pine nor apple genus (Pinus and Malus, respectively). In the Middle Ages, the word ‘apple’...

Chlorophyll Water Won’t Clear Your Skin

12 May 2023

Our social media feeds are filled with buzzwords like anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, or antimicrobial. Chlorophyll water is no exception. There are countless social media posts claiming that...

Why Limes Don’t Have Seeds

21 Apr 2023

You’re likely familiar with an everyday, small round, green lime. Whether in a margarita, with your Thai food or adorning your glass of soda, they’re a common enough culinary occurrence. But have...


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