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Did You Know?

Sperm whale perfume

10 May 2017

Sperm whales produce a black, smelly substance called ambergris which changes to a pleasant smell when exposed to air. It is rare and expensive but is used as a base in some perfumes. Ambergris...

An electrifying experience

25 Apr 2017

A diabetic patient complained of feeling a tingling in his feet and hands, which to his physician sounded like the beginnings of diabetic nerve damage. Paradoxically, though, he only got this...

Spiders are masters of disguise

25 Apr 2017

Some clever Central American spiders disguise themselves as ants by holding a pair of legs over their head to mimic antennae. They climb into ant nests and have a feast. And how about male European...

Can you change your eye colour?

25 Apr 2017

Increased media attention on beauty and perfection has influenced many to turn to cosmetic surgery. A recent survey revealed that, if possible, many would consider altering their eye colour. Now,...

Cellulose gum serves an important purpose in ice cream!

25 Apr 2017

If you see a product label that lists “guar gum" or "cellulose gum” among its ingredients you would probably expect to chew rather than lick. But these substances are critical to making a smooth...

Quack medicine used to be taken very literally!

25 Apr 2017

Inhaling the breath of a duck that was captured in a test tube was once used to treat disorders of the mouth and throat in children. Talk about quack medicine!  

Fujian Province is riddled with radon

10 Apr 2017

Fujian Province in south-east China has the highest incidence of respiratory and gastrointestinal tract cancers in the whole country. The culprit in all likelihood is well water which is...

The “Danbury Shakes”

10 Apr 2017

Danbury, Connecticut used to be the center of the American hat industry. It was also known for the “Danbury shakes,” a condition that encompassed tremors, incoherent speech, difficulty in walking...


10 Apr 2017

Phocomelia is a birth defect that has been linked to the drug thalidomide. This word derives from the Greek words for “seal” and “limb.” Thalidomide prescribed to pregnant women for morning...


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