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Is It Really Dangerous to Use Your Phone on a Plane?

11 May 2017

The fear behind the rule of ‘no phones on planes’ is that portable electronic devices could potentially interfere via electromagnetic radiation with the measurement and navigation tools on board....

Airplane air doesn't make you sick

11 May 2017

It’s time to put to rest the idea that plane air will make you sick. While the thought makes sense, as the air on a plane is indeed recycled, and the many passengers are spreading their germs into...

Noise Cancelling Headphones

11 May 2017

The precious noise-cancelling headphones that every seasoned traveller carries in their bags are actually quite an incredible piece of technology. These headphones work by listening via microphone...

Modern Birth Control Rarely Makes You Gain Weight

10 May 2017

The idea that birth control pills make the user gain weight has been floating around since the first appearance of contraceptive pills on the market in the 1950’s, but hasn’t been true for quite...

A Vital Force

10 May 2017

A single experiment in 1828 destroyed the theory of Vitalism which held that “organic substances” found in living systems could not be made in the laboratory because they were empowered with a ...

What's the difference between a shaken and stirred martini?

10 May 2017

Everyone (well, almost everyone) knows that James Bond liked his martinis “shaken and not stirred.” The science behind this strange request was examined in a study published in the British Medical...

Orange juice follies

10 May 2017

The orange juice market is huge.  Unfortunately some processors try to cut corners by extending the juice with sugar, pulpwash and water.  But the ruse can be detected by some clever science. ...

Mixing meat and milk

10 May 2017

The Old Testament offers up some dietary advice about not mixing milk and meat. Milk provides a hospitable environment for bacteria on meat to multiply, so this does make sense. Religious...

Monks and Beer

10 May 2017

In the Middle Ages much of beer brewing was carried out by monks. Water is a source of many disease causing organisms which cannot survive in alcohol. Trial and error demonstrated that beer...


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