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Ada McVean B.Sc. - Science Communicator

Ada McVean B.Sc. - Science Communicator
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ada.mcvean [at]

Ada recently finished her Bachelor of Science, with a double major in bio-organic chemistry, and gender, sexuality, feminist and social justice studies. She has been with McGill's Office for Science and Society (OSS) since 2016 and it has proven to be a perfect fit, as the OSS mandate of “separating sense from nonsense” combines both of her passions; social justice and science.

Ada works with the Damha Research Group doing nucleotide chemistry and the McGill Chemistry Outreach Group lighting things on fire to teach kids about science. She especially enjoys examining the ways that cultural perceptions can influence how science is performed and interpreted, debunking veterinary pseudoscience, and writing about menstruation. In September 2019 Ada will be starting a Masters of Chemistry at McGill University.

When not writing, Ada spends her time baking, playing video games, and cleaning up after her guinea pigs and gecko.

Ada's favourite 3 articles
1. Can Women Ejaculate? That Depends on Whom You Ask.

2. How Do Veterinarians Die?

3. 40 Years of Human Experimentation in America: The Tuskegee Study

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