Course of Study

Your program of study will be designed with your thesis supervisor(s) taking into account your previous academic preparation, needs, and research interests.

If you obtained a 2-year Masters’ degree in Nursing at McGill University or at an approved institution elsewhere, you will be automatically entered into the second year of the PhD program. If you obtained a non-thesis master’s degree or a graduate degree in another field, you may be required to complete some prerequisite courses for the doctoral-level research seminars.

Doctoral students must complete a minimum of 18 credits of coursework. Your coursework will be decided in consultation with your thesis supervisor(s) and the PhD program Director. There are 3 required courses for the PhD program in Nursing

NUR2 702 - Quantitative Research

NUR2 706 - Qualitative Nursing Research

NUR2 730 - Theory Development in Nursing

In addition to the required courses, you must complete 3 1-credit PhD seminars (NUR2 711, 712, and 713), as well as a minimum of 6 credits of complementary courses (i.e., 2 courses) at the 500 level or above, related to research methods (e.g., advanced statistics, advanced qualitative research methods, issues in measurement, mixed-methods research, epidemiology) or substantive courses related to your research topic.

Additional courses can be taken throughout the program as needed, to contribute to your scholarly and research development.

Application Process

Consult our Applying to Graduate Programs page for more information and detailed instructions regarding program-specific requirements.

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