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Research & Publications

Our faculty and students have published and presented interesting research over the years! You can view some of the published work below:


Don't see your work here? Email Jade.LaFontaine [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Jade LaFontaine) to have your publications added to this chart!

Immigrant and Refugee Health

-Ruppenthal, L, Tuck J, and Gagnon, A.J. (2005). Enhancing research with migrant women through focus groups. Western Journal of Nursing Research. 27:735-754.

-Gagnon, A.J., and Tuck, J. (2004). A Systematic Review of Questionnaires Measuring the Health of Resettling Refugee Women. Health Care for Women International, 25:111–149

-Tuck J. (2004) Multi-ethnic, Multi-lingual Focus Groups to Enhance Research with Newcomer Women at the 7th National Metropolis Conference, Montreal, Canada

-Tuck J. Gagnon A.J. (2003). Gender, precarious immigration status and access to health services at the 6th National Metropolis Conference, Edmonton, Canada

Cancer care

Behan, J. M., Arora, R. S., Carnevale, F. A., Bakhshi, S., Bhattacharjee, B., & Tsimicalis, A. (2021). An Ethnographic Study of the Moral Experiences of Children with Cancer in New Delhi, India. Global Qualitative Nursing Research, 8, 2333393621995814. 

Mardakis, S., Arora, R. S., Bakhshi, S., Arora, A., Anis, H., & Tsimicalis, A. (2019). A qualitative study of the costs experienced by caregivers of children being treated for cancer in New Delhi, India. Cancer Reports, 2(3), e1149. 

Child & family Health

-Sebti, A., Buck, M., Sanzone, L., Barnaba Liduke, B. B., Sanga, G. M., & Carnevale, F. A. (2019). Child and youth participation in sexual health-related discussions, decisions, and actions in Njombe, Tanzania: A focused ethnography. Journal of Child Health Care. 

-Sebti, A., *Timmins, B., Carnevale, F., Sanzone, L.,& Buck,M. Children’s Health Decision Making in Tanzania: A Scoping Review.14th Annual Crossroads Interdisciplinary Health Research Conference. Expanding the Horizons of Health. March 11& 12, 2016. Oral presentation at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

-Global Health Njombe, Tanzania:Youth Peer Health Education (YPHE) – Highlands Hope Umbrella+.Grand Challenges Canada. October 2014.

-Tuck, J., Who delivers a baby? CNSA Regional conference 2012, Montreal. QC [Presentation]

-Tuck, J., Daniel K. Sarasua I. Universal Screening for Perinatal Risk Factors: Taking the Leap. CAPWHN October 2011 Victoria [Presentation]

-Daniel K., Tuck J. Sarasua I. Interactive Interprofessional Learning: The "Birth" of An Integrative Skills Workshop for Novice Nurses in Labour and Delivery. CAPWHN October 2011 Victoria [Presentation]

-Medakovich S., Sarasua I. Tuck J. The Breastfeeding Knowledge, Attitudes, and Support Practices of Fathers in the Immediate Postpartum Period CAPWHN October 2011 Victoria [Poster] 1st prize student

-Tuck, J. Newing M. Perinatal Loss the place that no one wants to be. AWHONN, October 2010, Montreal [Presentation]

-Johnston, CC., Campbell-Yeo, M., Rich, B., Whitley, J., Filion, F., Cogan, J., Walker, D. Therapeutic Touch is not therapeutic for procedural pain in preterm infants. (2013). Clinical Journal of Pain, 29(9), pp. 824-829. 

Indigenous Health

-Sanzone, L., Doucette,E., Fansia, N.,Kim.,E., Lo,K.P., Mahlu, P., & Sawatsky,T. (2019) Indigenous approaches to
healing in critical care settings: Addressing the Truth and Reconciliation Report's calls to action. Canadian
Journal of Critical Care Nursing, 30(3), 14-21.

-Sanzone, L., Doucette, E., Fansia, N, Xu, X.C., Kim, E., Lo., K.P. Malhi,P., &Sawatsky,T.(2018) Integral use of aboriginal approaches to healing in critical care: Addressing the truth and reconciliation reports calls to action (TRC). CASN Canadian Nursing Education Conference. Montreal, May 28, 2018. Poster presentation.

-Exploring Indigenous Cultural bias and the impact on the Mother-Nurse Dynamic and Care within a Tertiary NICU

-Doucette, E., Antonacci, R., Bancerz, S., Cucca, E., Khoury, A., Morand, M., & Bello, M. N. (2017, September). Exploring Indigenous Cultural bias and the impact on the Mother-Nurse Dynamic and Care within a Tertiary NICU. Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses Dynamics Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Djellatou, El Fares, M. & Filion, F. (2020). Youth Health Promotion Project for Indigenous People in Canada: Together against Bullying and Cyber-dependence. Remote oral presentation at the ICCHNPC (International Conference on Community Health Nursing and Palliative Care, Germany), Berlin, Germany, May 21-22

-Filion, F., Tuck, J. & Sandy, G. (2018). “The Ashukin Program: A Bridge to Indigenous Community Health Nursing”. Oral presentation at the 24th Canadian Conference on Global Health, Toronto, November 19-21st. (I)

-Tuck, J., Sandy, G., Sanzone, L. & Filion, F. “Weaving Indigenous Health competencies across the nursing curriculum: and integrated approach to the Truth and Reconciliation”. Oral Presentation, Canadian Conference on Global Health, Ottawa, October 29-31st, 2017. (A)


Merdsoy, L., Lambert, S., & Sherman, J. (n.d.). Perceptions, needs and preferences of chronic disease self-management support among men experiencing homelessness in Montreal. Health Expectations

-Tuck. J. Clausen C. Smith S. (2002). Cooking with Poison: Action Research in Tlamacazapa. (2 hour symposium) at the Canadian Society for International Health conference on Poverty, Health and Equity: from Global Challenge to Innovative Solutions, Ottawa, ON

-Yang, J., Zidane, A., Thillainathan, N, Lewis, S., Xu, S., Kwon, Y., Rosintzeva, K., Filion, F. “Breaking the Wall: Addressing Employability in the Homeless population”. Poster presentation at the 28th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 24-26th, 2017.

-Kalubi-Lukusa, J., Lu, S., Menetrier, C., Mercier, R., Montanaro, P., Mwanza, M., Rosintzeva, K., Filion, F. “Podiatric health workshop for the homeless: Empowering vulnerable populations using the Population Health Promotion Model (PHPM) framework. Poster presentation at the 28th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 24-26th, 2017. 

-Grugel-Park, A., Selby, S., Olmstead, D., Blow, L., Nazeri, S., Trottier, P., Lapalme, C., Filion, F. (2015). Word of Mouth: Student nurse’s partnership in a peer education program for oral Page 25 of 28 health with a homeless population. PechaKucha presentation at the CHNC national annual conference in Winnipeg, June 23-24, 2015.

Infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB etc.)

-Tuck, J., Merry, L., Gagnon A.J Empowering South Asian Women to protect themselves from HIV/STIs. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Submitted Sept. 2009.

-Merry L, Gagnon A, Tuck J. Protecting South Asian Migrant Women from HIV/STIs. 2nd Conference Migrant Health in Europe, Page 60. May 22-24, 2008, Malmo, Sweden. [Poster]

-Tuck J. Gagnon A,J. (2003) Gender, Power & Control: Strategies for HIV/STI Prevention in Refugee Women at the Impact of Global Issues on Women and Children conference, Bangkok, Thailand

Health workforce strengthening

Tuck, J., Sherman J., St-Cyr I., (2015). REW - Re-Entry Workshops: Supporting students to integrate their global health experiences upon their return. To be presented at Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference March 26-28, 2015 Boston, MA USA [poster presentation]

Clark M., Julmisse M., Marcelin N., Merry L., Tuck J., Gagnon A.J. (2015). Strengthening healthcare delivery in Haiti through nursing continuing education. International Nursing Review 
62, 54–63.

Redden, K., Singh, K, Hong, K, Giannakakis SM, Doucet, A., Hunt, M., Tuck, J., Frances Power, F., (2014). Global health perspectives: an analysis of student reflective assignments from health and allied health disciplines through the lens of a 10-week introductory global health course. Canadian conference for International Health, Ottawa, Nov. 2-4, 2014. [poster presentation]

Tuck, J. An Invisible force in quality patient care: The Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist. Canadian (Oct 18, 2014) Canadian Nursing Student Association Regional Conference. [Oral presentation]

Tuck, J., Global Health Education Panel (May 7, 2014) Global is Local Conference, McGill University, Montreal. [Oral Presentation]

Birch, A.P., Tuck, J., Malata, A., & Gagnon, A. J. (2013). Assessing global partnerships in graduate nursing. Nurse Education Today, 33(11), 1288-1294

-Tuck, J. Sherman, J., Fraser V. Going Global: Global Health at McGill University School of Nursing. Vanier Nursing Student Conference, April 2010, Montreal [Presentation]

Hickey J, Gagnon AJ, Merry L, Sarasua I, Tuck J. Partnering with Migrant Friendly Organizations: Development of a more comprehensive ‘global health’ curricula for nursing students. 1st International GANES Conference, October 1-3, 2008. Toronto, Ontario. [Poster]

Mental Health

-Tuck J. Quance D. Presented Pain Week Grand Rounds PCEA: Bringing pain control within the patient’s reach. Oct. 30 2007 [Presentation]

-Johnston, J., Barrington, KJ., Taddio, A., Carbajal, R., Filion, F. (2011). Pain in Canadian NICU's: Have we Improved over the Past 12 Years? Clinical Journal of Pain, vol. 27, no. 3, p. 25-32.

-Dimauro, S., Horge, M., Johnston, P., Kirechuk, K., Kolanitch, C., Robinson, C., Gausden, D., & Filion, F. (2019). “Strengthening Therapeutic Relationships with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder”. Presentation at the Annual CHNC conference, StJohn, New Brunswick, Canada, May 27-29.

-Piasecki, A., Tawil, I., Tennant, T., Thomasson, D., Rodriguez Velasquez A., Villareal-Corpuz, V., Rozintseva, K., & Filion, F. (2016). “Breaking Barriers: Promoting Mental Health Awareness in a Downtown Montreal Homeless Shelter.” Oral presentation at the CASN national annual conference in Toronto, Ontario, May 31, 2016. 

-Guérard, A-S., Bowden, S., Cao, C., Corbeil, S., Desrochers Leppan, E., Kucera, E., Gausden, D. & Filion, F. (2015). Making Happiness a Habit. Oral presentation at the 4th Student Conference in Social Gerontology at the CSSS Cavendish-CAU, Montreal (May 1). 

Elder Care

Addictions and harm reduction

-Mai, V., Farthing, J., Liu, C. & Filion, F. (2016). “Plein Sevrage: A Community-Based Project on Drug Withdrawal”, Poster presentation at CHWC (Canadian Health Workforce Conference) in Ottawa, October 5th, 2016


Planetary Health and Climate Change

Non-Communicable Diseases 


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