Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated)


Please note that all Undergraduate applications are processed centrally via McGill University Enrolment Services. More information is available via Applying to Undergraduate Studies,

Contact: Contact Us | Service Point - McGill University

Application to the Ingram School of Nursing can be made using the McGill online application.

Please note that the same application is used for all undergraduate programs at McGill and two program choices can be entered.

Enrolment Services
3415 McTavish St.
McLennan Library Building
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y1
Tel.: 514-398-7878


N.B. The BNI and BNI (ONLINE) are considered separate modalities of the same program. Application to one modality of the BNI program does not cover an application to the other one. You will need to apply to both the BNI and BNI (ONLINE) to be considered for both.

N.B. Inter-Faculty Transfer applications are not possible for the Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) programs, unless you have successfully completed the Nursing DEC 180.A0 within the last three years. For more information, please contact undergraduate.nursing [at]

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