Sonia Semenic

Sonia Semenic, RN, PhD
PhD Program Director
Associate Professor 

680 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, H3A 2M7
Office: 1810
sonia.semenic [at]

Sonia Semenic (RN, PhD) is an Associate Professor at the Ingram School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University and a Nurse Scientist at the McGill University Health Center, Women’s Health Mission. She is a member of the McGill University Health Center Research Institute, and is co-leader of the knowledge translation platform for the Reseau de recherche en interventions en sciences infirmières du Québec/Quebec Nursing Intervention Research Network (RRISIQ). She completed a Master’s of Science (Applied) (1989) and a doctoral degree (2005) at McGill’s School of Nursing, as well as a Canadian Health Services Research Foundation postdoctoral fellowship at the School of Nursing, University of Ottawa (2007). She has many years of experience as a certified lactation consultant and clinical nurse specialist in maternal child health. Her research program uses mixed methods, case study and participatory research approaches to examine the development, implementation and sustainability of evidence-informed practices in nursing and perinatal health.

Areas of Interest

  • Breastfeeding promotion and support
  • Nursing best-practices in neonatal intensive care
  • Knowledge translation in nursing
  • Implementation of evidence-informed practices in perinatal health
  • Health policy decision-making in perinatal health
  • Cultural diversities in perinatal health behaviours
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