Kelley Kilpatrick

Kelley Kilpatrick, RN, PhD
Susan E. French Chair in Nursing Research & Innovative Practice
Associate Professor

680 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, H3A 2M7 | Office: 1811
kelley.kilpatrick [at] | 514-398-3416

Dr. Kelley Kilpatrick completed a PhD in Nursing at McGill University (2010), and received a post-doctoral fellowship at McMaster University (2011), where she conducted the first pan-Canadian study describing clinical nurse specialists (CNSs)' roles with a team of researchers at the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation/Canadian Institutes of Health Research Chair Program in Advanced Practice Nursing (APN). She has received Fonds de recherche du Québec-Santé salary awards since 2013, and holds the Susan E. French Chair in Nursing Research and Innovative Practice, an endowed Chair, since 2019. Dr. Kilpatrick has worked with a range of stakeholders to implement nurse practitioner (NP) roles in home care and long-term care teams in Québec. The project in long-term care was recognized as a best practice initiative in 2016. Her work influenced APN role implementation in Québec and internationally. She developed and validated patient, family and provider questionnaires to measure healthcare team functioning. Since their publication in 2019, the questionnaires have been used by clinicians and researchers in Canada and in nine other countries, as well as translated into Spanish and Turkish. Dr. Kilpatrick is also a Regular Researcher at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Research Centre and at the Canadian Centre for APN Research, as well as a member of the International Council of Nurses NP/APN Network, Practice Subgroup.

Areas of interest

  • Advanced practice nursing (APN) and APN roles, i.e., clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners
  • Team effectiveness
  • Processes in healthcare teams in acute and primary care
  • Effects of healthcare service delivery on patients and families
  • Role implementation and evaluation
  • Role of patients and families in healthcare teams
  • Team processes
  • Acute and primary care
  • Case studies and mixed methods research

Current research

Dr. Kilpatrick's research focuses on team processes to open the ‘black box’ of how APN roles support teams and improve care. She developed one of the first conceptual frameworks linking system-level structures to team processes and including patients and families as team members. Her innovative research provides new insights into how to foster patient involvement in care and improve outcomes, including the critical role of team processes, role clarity, and involving family members in high functioning teams with NPs in primary care.

Portrait of Kelley: Credit to Owen Egan and Joni Dufour

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