Why leaves change colour, a bilingual theatre journey, and how Uber could help cities cut carbon emissions

Both evergreen and timely stories from the McGill community.
Published: 6 October 2022


Fall colours: some little-known facts

The leaves have already begun to change colour across Quebec. David Wees, a lecturer at McGill University’s Department of Plant Science, has some little-known facts to share about the change of seasons. For example: "People will think that it's the arrival of cold weather that triggers the color change, but it's actually the photoperiod," says Wees. As the days get shorter, the color change happens more quickly, so whether it's hot or cold doesn't affect the appearance of fall colors.


Can services like Uber help decrease a city’s carbon emissions?

What if using a ride-hailing app like Uber or Lyft could help decrease a city’s carbon emissions? Combined with public transit use and municipal policy changes, that’s beginning to happen. However, the bigger, less understood question is what motivates people to choose their cars over the bus, or Uber over walking to work. New data-driven research from Desautels Faculty of Management Professor Animesh Animesh shows the environmental impact of ride-hailing and how comprehensive urban planning policies could make the skies a lot clearer.

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A bilingual theatre journey in Montreal

Cyclorama is an upcoming historic and bilingual documentary theatre piece that carries viewers between two venues in Montreal: Centaur Theatre and Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui. The comedy, created and directed by Laurence Dauphinais, will take viewers on “un voyage bilingue” between two Montreal theatrical institutions and the histories of English- and French-language theatre in Montreal. It will feature the Chair of McGill’s Department of English, Erin Hurley, who is part of the creative and performance teams.

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