Update: McIntyre Medical Building


Published: 3Aug2018

Following the July 13 McIntyre fire, regular activities have gradually resumed in roughly half of the building. Floors 7 and up have largely seen a return to normal operations.

The lower floors, however, will require varying amounts of additional remediation work. Though we hope to re-open some of these areas in the fall, others will remain closed for several months. This situation has caused regrettable disruptions for many – we are working hard to restore the building to its normal state, and to expedite alternative arrangements for all affected parties. We are deeply grateful to McIntyre occupants for their patience and understanding. Likewise, we are thankful for the tireless efforts of the many McGill and external teams who are working hard to ensure the continuity of research, studies and other important work. The very fact that much of the building is now open, so soon after a major incident, is a testament to their dedication.

For detailed updates on the building’s status, as well as information about possible relocations and other logistical considerations, please consult the Faculty of Medicine’s website. All further communications related to this incident will be posted there.

Many thanks,

Luc Roy
Acting Associate Vice-Principal, Facilities Management and Ancillary Services

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