Story ideas for the Holidays


Published: 11Dec2014
1- How did it all start?

The history of Jesus and how early Christians invented the festival of Christmas
Ian Henderson – Faculty of Religious Studies
English only
ian.henderson [at]
Office: 514 398-1316

2- How do they manage to make us buy so much?

Holiday shopping marketing
Robert Soroka – Desautels Faculty of Management
1) Smart Holiday Shopping: How to get the biggest bang out of your holiday budget.
2) Why "Boxing Day" now arrives before Christmas...
3)  Holiday Shopping: Myths and Facts
4) Is this holiday season the Target litmus test?
English only
robert.soroka [at]
514-851-2377 (pager); 514-947-1593 (cell)

Digital advertising, digital music and films
Jui Ramaprasad - Desautels Faculty of Management
jui.ramaprasad [at]
Office: (514) 398-7426
Cell: 514.795.7030
English only

3- Why is it we can’t stop eating? How will ever lose these extra pounds?

 Good food chemistry
Ariel Fenster  - Department of Chemistry
Weight gain and dieting, the chemistry of wine, the science and traditions of chocolate, the chemistry of love, gemstones
English and French
Ariel.fenster [at]
Office phone (514) 398-2618
cell phone (514)917 7351

The neurology of over-eating
Alain Dagher - Montreal Neurological Institute
English and French
alain.dagher [at]
Office phone: (514)-398-1726
Untill December 9.

4- Drinking and liver damage: are pills the solution?
5- Are these toys safe for your kids? Toy safety and recalls
Joe Schwarcz - McGill Office for Science and Society

 6- Can TV save us from the stresses of family time?
Casey McCormick – PhD Candidate – Media and Cultural Studies
1 – TV binge-watching to relieve the holiday stress 
2 - Advice on how and what to binge on this season.
English only
virtualcjm [at]

7- All the lonely people, where do they all belong?

Christmas cookies for the Old Brewery Mission
McGill students and staff will be baking Christmas cookies on the 23rd at the Bishop Mountain Hall, 3935 rue University. The cookies and other treats will be served at the Old Brewery Mission on the night of the 23rd.
Oliver de Volpi, Executive Chef,
oliver.devolpi [at] ()
Office: 514.398.5743
Cell: 514.436.0085

Homelessness in Montreal
Eric Latimer – Douglas Institute and McGill’s Department of Psychiatry
eric.latimer [at]
Cell: 514-518-1593
Office: 514-761-6131 x2351

McGill staff welcome foreign students at their Christmas table
Melody Enguix – Media Relations Office
melody.enguix [at]
Office: 514 398 6751
Cell: 514 796 6751

Online dating increases around the Holidays
Jui Ramaprasad - Desautels Faculty of Management
jui.ramaprasad [at]
Office: (514) 398-7426
Cell: 514.795.7030
English only

8- What not to give your kids for Christmas? Lottery tickets.
Jeffrey Derevensky - International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors
jeffrey.derevensky [at]
Office : 514 398-4249.

9- Socks can be the gift. Med students collect socks to improve the homeless foot health
Jason Clement, Communications Officer
jason.clement [at]
Office: 514.398.5909

10- How to deal with holiday stress?
Camillo Zacchia, Douglas Institute
Camillo.Zacchia [at] (Email)
Office: (514) 761-6131, ext 2578

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