Smog in Montreal

Published: 3 February 2020

A smog warning is still in effect for the Greater Montreal area Monday as high concentrations of pollutants are expected to infiltrate the air. According to Environment Canada, this could "result in poor air quality, especially in urban areas where pollutant emissions are higher." (CTV)

McGill expert who can comment on the issue:

Parisa Ariya, Professor, Department of Chemistry, James McGill Professor of Chemistry and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 

"Winter smog is not unusual in cold-climate polluted urban settings. Smog is the combination of photochemistry and boundary layer meteorology. Pollutants, including human-made particles, which are entrapped by meteorology, will be concentrated and through the interactions with light, decrease visibility."

Parisa Ariya is a full Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Her research explores  major fundamental and applied research questions on chemical and physical processes involving aerosols, as well as gaseous organic and trace metal pollutants of relevance to the Earth's atmosphere and to human health.  Our direct research contributions are to the fields of climate change, green and sustainable chemistry and technology, air pollution, nano-science, as well as environmental health and medicine.

parisa.ariya [at]


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