PSYCHOLOGY TODAY | Happiness and the COVID Pandemic


Published: 5May2020

« What has the science of happiness got to do with our current coronapocalypse? Plenty, of course. It is interesting that much of what is being discussed now about how to stay sane, connected, and even happy while locked up, or out of a job, is what economists studying “happiness” have been advocating for years. We all know at least some friends, colleagues, and family who have suffered tremendously from the isolation and disruption and, of course, many of us are struggling acutely as this post goes live. By taking away jobs, security, and social interactions, the policies of the pandemic have brought to our attention what matters most in life. A nice way to sum up some of the most prominent findings from decades of happiness research or, more specifically, life satisfaction research,  is the following: happy societies promote a sense of dignity, of self-efficacy, and of community. » wrote Chris Barrington-Leigh, an associate professor at McGill University.

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