Korean MERS outbreak should be wake-up call for world

Published: 12 June 2015

South Korea's burgeoning MERS outbreak should be a reminder to the world that a virus some may have written off can trigger significant disease and major disruption, a World Health Organization expert says.

The outbreak in that country has now infected 126 people, 11 of whom have died. And it may be a while yet before South Korea's health officials manage to stop spread of the virus, according to the WHO's point person for Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS.
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“With students and their families arriving from throughout the world, it is important that universities prepare themselves for any potential dangers including those related to infectious organism such as MERS-CoV.   Times of highest risk are the beginning of the academic year and following holiday periods.”
– Pierre-Paul Tellier, MD

Expert: Pierre-Paul Tellier, MD, Family physician, Director of McGill Student Health.
Expertise: He has helped develop protocols for McGill and Student Health Services regarding the management of a variety of potential infections.
Contact: pierre-paul.tellier [at] Prof. Tellier can answer in English and French.


Expert: Dr. Brian Ward, McGill's Division of Infectious Diseases, and Associate Director of the Centre for Tropical Diseases,
Expertise: He is an expert on viruses and vaccines.
Contact: brian.ward [at]

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