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Experts: Yellow Fever Epidemic in Congo and Angola

Published: 23Aug2016

“The World Health Organization's (WHO) emergency committee on deadly yellow fever will meet on Aug. 31 to review outbreaks in Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, a spokesman said on Tuesday,...

Experts: Viruses in Rio 2016

Published: 2Aug2016

“Just days ahead of the Olympic Games the waterways of Rio de Janeiro are as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria, according to a 16-month...

Brazil 2016: Politics, Olympics Games, and Zika

Published: 1Aug2016

Philip Oxhorn, Political Science, Founding Director of the Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University...

Zika Virus

Published: 27Jan2016

"A new virus invading parts of Central and South America and now the Caribbean is causing concern among people living in and travelling to infected countries. Transmitted by the aggressive Aedes...

Avian flu

Published: 13Apr2015