GLOBAL NEWS | Research to examine emotional well-being of physicians, nurses during pandemic

Published: 25 May 2020

Jason Harley, a psychologist who is currently an assistant professor at McGill University’s Department of Surgery and a member of the university’s Institute for Health Sciences Education, said the goal of the research is to find ways to better support hospital-based physicians and nurses during this crisis.“There’s a lot of added stress, a lot of added factors associated with trying to rapidly and effectively adapt protocols — especially those in hospitals — to deal with COVID-19,” Harley said. “In a time like this, where we need our healthcare professionals and we need them at their best, it’s important we do everything we can to support them.”

“It’s a very new type of disease that we’re dealing with. This is leading to, again, a lot of rapid protocol development and innovation that goes on in hospitals,” Harley said. The aim of the research is to look at what currently exists in terms of personal sources of support, such as family and friends, institutional supports within a hospital as well as other methods of coping.

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