Experts: Air Canada will buy Air Transat


Published: 16May2019

Air Canada will buy Air Transat, offering $13 a share, or about $ 520 million, for its rival. (La Presse)

Here are experts to comment what this transaction means for the consumers and the industry:

Karl Moore, Desautelsl Faculty of Management, McGill University

Professor Moore has long experience both the high tech industry and the Airline/Aerospace industry working with Air Canada, British Airways, Lufthansa, IATA, CAE, Bombardier and others. He has taught courses on Leadership, Strategy, Being a New Manager Being a Change Leaders and New Approaches to Product Management.

karl.moore [at] [In Toronto today] (English)

John Gradek, School of Continuing Studies, McGill University

As Faculty lecturer at McGill University, he gives classes such as Airline Management, Integrated Aviation Management Capstone, Management of Service Operations, and Supply Chain Risk Management. He's also the coordinator for the McGill-ENAC Aviation Leadership Program, a leading-edge graduate-level degree specifically aimed at developing the requisite competencies of tomorrow’s leaders in aviation.

john.gradek [at] [By Skype or Phone. He's in Florida for the week.] (English, French)

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