Experts: 2019 Quebec Floods


Published: 29Apr2019

Here are McGill University professors who can comment on the flooding situation in Quebec:

Susan Gaskin, Brace Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, McGill University

Professor Gaskin is an expert in environmental engineering in the Department of Civil engineering. Environmental hydraulics and water resources is her specialty. Her teaching includes open channel flow, hydraulics, river engineering and water sustainability. Her research is in the general area of environmental fluid mechanics and water resources management.

susan.gaskin [at] (English)

Kevin Manaugh, Professor, Department of Geography and School of Environment, McGill University

Professor Manaugh is part of the Adapting Urban Environments for the Future integrative program of research on urban sustainability. He can talk about how to make cities more socially inclusive and resilient, less environmentally impactful, and better able to meet future sustainability challenges while improving the well-being of residents.

kevin.manaugh [at] (English)


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