Expert: World Cup and knee injuries in soccer


Published: 15Jun2018

As the World Cup in Russia is ongoing, did you know that McGill hosts a  Medical Centre of Excellence in partnership with CBI-Concordia Physio Sport?

Dr. Moreno Morelli, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, McGill University and St. Mary's Hospital Centre (McGill University Affiliated Teaching Institution).

He's the medical director for the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Montreal. He’s doing research on how to better treat knee injuries, specifically anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). His colleagues are also sensitizing soccer players about concussions and Professor Shawn Robbins is doing gait analysis following ACL injuries.

“I am interested in injury prevention and restoration of function following acute and chronic soft tissue injury. Characterizing how the body attempts to cope with this injury might provide insight into better treatment approaches for those who sustain an ACL injury.”—Dr. Morelli

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