Expert: Son of Philippine dictator appears to win election in a landslide


Published: 10May2022

The namesake son of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos appeared to have been elected Philippine president by a landslide in an astonishing reversal of the 1986 "People Power" pro-democracy revolt that ousted his father. (CBC News)

Here is an expert from McGill University who can provide comment on this issue:

Erik Kuhonta, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Director, Institute for the Study of International Development 

“The May 9 presidential election is a profound setback to democracy. It returns to power the family of Ferdinand Marcos – one of the Cold War's most notorious dictators. With a powerful social media disinformation campaign, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, known as Bongbong, has been able to whitewash his father's record of corruption and human rights violations, and gain the Philippine presidency in a landslide.” 

Erik Kuhonta is an Associate Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Institute for the Study of International Development. He is a specialist on Southeast Asian politics and can comment on political developments and democracy in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other countries in the region. 

erik.kuhonta [at] (English, French) 

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