Expert: Earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan

Published: 18 April 2016

Earthquakes struck Japan and Ecuador just hours apart on Saturday April 16, 2016. Were the two earthquakes related?

Christie Rowe, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University

"In short, the Japanese and Ecuadorian earthquakes are quite different, in their tectonic setting and in the effects felt due to difference in construction age and quality in the two countries. Here is a plot to place these earthquakes in perspective. This plot came from Chuck Ammon, and I have updated it and added color."—Christie Rowe

She's interested in the processes which generate earthquakes and create ore deposits. Her research is rooted in observational field geology, and incorporate approaches from geology, petrology, geochemistry, and geophysics.

514-398-2769, christie.rowe [at] (English)

Source for the plot: Ammon et. al (2010) Great earthquakes and global seismic networks, Seismological Research Letters, v. 81 n. 6 pp. 965-971.

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