Expert: COP25 - UN Climate Change Conference


Published: 4Dec2019

As the global climate emergency intensifies and greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, governments will gather in Madrid for the UN Climate Change Conference COP25, from December 2 to 13, to take the next crucial steps in the UN climate change process. (United Nations)

Here is an expert from McGill University that can provide comment on this issue:

Sébastien Jodoin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University

“It is critical that the decisions taken in Madrid reflect the important role that human rights principles and standards can play in the development and implementation of effective and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. When climate policies are designed in an inclusive manner that upholds fundamental human rights, most notably those of marginalized groups such as women, children, persons with disabilities, and Indigenous Peoples, this can foster a just transition to a decarbonized world.”

Sébastien Jodoin is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law of McGill University, where he directs the Law, Governance & Society Lab. He is also a member of the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, an Associate Member of the McGill School of Environment, and a Faculty Associate of the Governance, Environment & Markets Initiative at Yale University. His research focuses on legal and policy solutions to complex environmental and social problems that cut across multiple fields and levels of governance. He is a co-author of a new report titled The Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Context of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

sebastien.jodoin-pilon [at] (English, French)

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