Expert: Brexit

Published: 12 September 2019

The deadline for Brexit is October 31 and the uncertainty persists. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended parliament until October 14 and now a Scottish court ruled that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was illegal. (Washington Post)


Armand de Mestral, Faculty of Law, McGill University

“Brexit may yet not occur or be seriously redefined and limited as the dangers of PM Johnson’s policies become clear.” – Armand de Mestral

Emeritus Professor de Mestral has taught among other things constitutional law, public international law, international trade law, international arbitration, and the law of the European Community. His current research interest is the law of international economic integration. He has drafted books, articles and reports in English and French on international trade law, Canadian comparative and constitutional law, and international law. He has served on WTO and NAFTA dispute settlement and arbitration tribunals. [at], (English, French)


Brian Cowan, Faculty of Arts, McGill University

“The 2016 Brexit referendum has created a constitutional crisis that remains unresolved. What began as an internal problem for the UK's Conservative Party has now become a national problem that threatens the structures of Britain's democracy and the union of England/Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.” – Brian Cowan

Professor Cowan holds the Canada Research Chair in Early Modern British History. He studies the social and cultural history of ideas in early modern Britain and Europe.

brian.cowan2 [at] (English)

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