Expert: Air passenger bill of rights


Published: 2Aug2017

“A new air passenger bill of rights would punish airlines for keeping people on the tarmac longer than three hours, forcing them to compensate passengers. But it would not compel carriers to disembark a plane delayed for long periods.” (CBC)

John Gradek, lecturer, School of Continuing Studies, McGill University

"Proposed Canadian Passenger Bill of Rights, modelled after a similar piece of legislation in the EU, will help for delayed passengers or those on cancelled flights. Delays due to circumstances beyond the control of the airline, such as weather that caused the AirTransat scenario, might not qualify for compensation unless explicitly covered in the legislation."—John Gradek

He held in the past senior roles at Air Canada in operations, marketing and planning. He has worked in the development and the delivery of commercial airline management programs for the International Aviation Management Training Institute as well as for the IATA Aviation MBA program at Concordia University.

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