McGill Alert / Alerte de McGill

Updated: Thu, 07/18/2024 - 18:12

Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.

How to Proceed

How to proceed:
  1. Find a supervisor. You have met some professors in lectures and seminars. You can also look at the list of neuroscience researchers in various departments at McGill.
  2. Send emails to or speak with professors whose research appeals to you. You should mention that you are a student in the neuroscience major program and that you are interested in pursuing an independent research project as a course in the professor's lab. Do this well ahead of time. If the professor doesn't know about the neuroscience research courses, you can refer him/her to the online course description and to the Coordinator for information.If you are having trouble finding a supervisor for a project, contact the course coordinator who may be able to point you to professors working in your field of interest.
  3. If the professor is willing to accept independent research students and has space in the lab, a meeting should be set up at which potential research projects are discussed. Usually, the professor will suggest possible topics, but if you have a specific idea for a project, feel free to voice it.
  4. If agreement is reached, submit a Research Project Registration Form and have your proposed research project approved by the Course Coordinator.  When you submit your form online, an email will be sent to your supervisor and the Course Coordinator requesting approval of your project.  Once both approvals have been received, your eligibility will be verified and a permit will be issued allowing you to register through Minerva.
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